• Welcome to Kampala

Welcome to Kampala

Are you ready to experience Kampala city like you never have before? Get ready for an adventure through Kampala, the Capital of Uganda!

Get the A-Z about Kampala and Uganda in a unique and entertaining way including: the history, must visit places, things to see, things to do, people and culture, information about Kampala – a city built on the seven hills and answers to all your other questions that you need to know about the city.

Welcome to Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. This is the most comprehensive guide to Kampala City. On this portal find information about Kampala, Kampala News & Events etc.
Looking to visiting Kampala or Uganda? Kampala provides no shortage of opportunities for locals and visitors alike to have a great time, and we’re privileged to welcome you to the city.

We’re always out and about, updating this portal with best attractions, things to do, up to date travel tips and advisories, and we’re happy to share our knowledge with you right here.

In our directory, you will find listings of Kampala Businesses, Kampala Hotels, where to go Shopping, places to Dine Out or hangout etc.


Need to go shopping? No worries, there is a blend of top of the end shopping malls and boutiques to supermarkets and your local shops/groceries. You will be pleased to know that Kampala is one of the places in the worlds where you can still bargain for the right price- at least in the local markets and some of the shops.


Dinning in Kampala with friends, family or colleagues is relatively affordable. With the selection of modern foreign restaurants – notably the Korean, Chinese, Indian and Thai and with Nando’s and Steers round the corner you are probably covered but why not try the Ugandan cuisine?! There is so much to choose from. The Ekitoobero Restaurant is well known for such a memorable Ugandan dish.

What’s On

Look at the ‘What’s on’ sections for your guide on the activities in and around the city.And if you want to explore Kampala’s nightlife, its all here for you. Check out the list of bars, night clubs, discotheques and more.

History of Kampala

Battered in the late ’70s when the Tanzanian forces attacked Uganda to get rid of Idi Amin and through to the early and mid ’80s, the city has since rediscovered its glory and is a vibrant blossoming metropolis that has maintained its status to those who knew it in its early days.


Kampala has developed into an important city for those attracted to modern moderate way of life, but also relative low cost living compared to the other cities in Africa. It is a city that thrives on change and has made a virtue out of reinventing itself.

It is a charming city that will take you by surprise year-round. Go sight-seeing! There are various places to visit; the local markets- notable is the famous Owino Market ( renamed to St Balikuddembe Market a few years ago), see a friendly welcoming Africa; the people and take that tour around the city.

A local friend/colleague will be more than willing to take you places; that is the cheaper option, but there are travel guides to help you with this at a cost.

You will appreciate that being in a foreign country can be challenging at times – No matter how much travelling you have done. Need to get in touch with your embassy? No worries!