All About the Bayimba International Festival

If you are looking for the most thrilling cultural dances, musical performances in Uganda, the Bayimba International Festival of the Arts is such amazing event that you shouldn’t miss this year. This musical festival is an annual event that is conducted within the 3rd week of September and it is held at the National Theatre in Kampala. During this period, Kampala becomes once more sound and vibrant with lots of music, dances, film, visual arts from the popular and fresh artists that are always attracted to make this event colorful.

This event has generally become a main multi arts festival with different and qualitative programming, offering the most thrilling, innovative and creative ideas on market. It attracts thousands of locals, artists and visitors across Uganda borders which rewards visitors with variety of exciting musical experiences. The Bayimba Festival is undeniably one of the major highlights for social and cultural events in Uganda’s calendar and it is turning into a significant East African destination event which guarantees regional and international visitors and because of this, both domestic and global cultural tourism is enhanced. If you interested in the most artistic experience then this is the best event that you should consider a must to attend as several talented young and old music performers are attracted to come and perform before visitors.

Bayimba International Musical Festival was initially arranged around June 2008 and it takes 3 days and comes with lots of dances, theatre, fashion, visual arts, music and many more. Ever since 2008, this event has offered a platform to more than 300 artists where 70 percent come from Uganda, 20 percent east Africa and 10 percent from other countries with over 55000 revelers within just 3 days and this was only in 2011 Bayimba Festival. Its fifth edition took place around 2012 and it still in National theatre. For this year, September is just knocking at the door for you to have something very exciting in life curtsey of the Bayimba International Festival. This cultural foundation was introduced in 2006 and it is of no doubt that it has become the leading annual event with unique creativity. It was founded mainly to boost arts and culture in Uganda.

In conclusion, Bayimba International Festival of the Arts is one of a kind cultural event that ranks Uganda among a few most leading festival and event destination.

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